Account Manager eLearning Courses

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Course NameDescription
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AM-FA-102: Fixed Assets - Trade-ins and Sales// course will cover how to approach both trade ins and sales of assets and how to resolve the changes in Xero and CCH Fixed Assets.
AM-PM-101: Project Management 1- Basics// course will cover how Gineris & Associates uses project names and route sheets within CCH, as well as sorting methods we use to keep workloads organized.
AM-PM-102: Project Management 2 - Working in Projects// follow up course to Project Management will cover creating new projects and adapting them from year to year. Additionally, the course will go into detail covering methods to manage your workload.
AM-PM-103: Project Management 3 - Accounting Workflow Project Workflow// this course, Pat, Dave, and Melissa will emulate the roles of Account Manager, Bookkeeper, and Admin respectively and show the workflow dynamic between the three roles and how they contribute to complete an accounting project.
AM-PM-104: Project Management 4 - Account Manager Projects// course will cover the proper way to locate and move through the route sheets of popular Account Manager projects: Payroll, Sales Tax, and Entity Reports
AM-PM-105: Project Management 5 - Year end Projects // course should be taken by all account managers and bookkeepers annually in mid-late November. It covers projects that should be completed near the end of the year. These projects include: Retirement Contributions, Shareholder Medical, 8027 Forms, W2-W3 Forms, 1099s.
AM-YE-101: Year-End Account Manager Procedures// course should be taken by all account managers and bookkeepers annually in mid-late November. You will learn and be refreshed on year-end account manager processes that must be done before year end - including entering shareholder medical into ADP so W2s are produced accurately, 1099 set-up in Xero and Track1099, and entering W2 and 1099 billing into CCH. This course is different than the "Project Management - Year End Projects" course, which focused largely on using CCH Dashboard to manage your projects. There is some overlap/refresher between content from that course as well as the 1099 course, and material contained in this course.This course does NOT go into the full Account Manager Year-End Review (BYER) which prepares accounts for tax preparation.
AM-YE-103: Accounting Peer Reviews//
AM-YE-104: Financial Prep 1// course will cover importing trial balance data from both Xero and Quickbooks, as well as setting up a new engagement and working through the imported financial data.
AM-YE-105: Tax Season for Account Managers// is a prerequisite to this course that you complete the Accounting Peer Reviews eLearning course. In that course, you learned about Xero Workpaper packs. If you have not completed the Peer Review course, please complete it now and return to this course when finished.
Client Deliverables// this course we'll cover changes to the client report delivery system with payroll, financial statements, sales tax, and tax monitoring projections. Additionally, we'll take a look at resolving tax monitoring issues from the perspective of both the account manager and the tax preparer.
Issuing 1099s// course will cover setting up 1099 groups in Xero and issuing 1099s through Track 1099. Additionally, at the end we will cover requesting W-9s from clients.
Xero and Loft47 for Brokerages eLearning Courses Access Link staff membership access to the Xero and Loft47 eLearning courses.