Front Desk Checklists

Resource NameDescription
2020 Petty Cash LogLogs and monitors the cash received//
CPA Charge Checklist This is a step by step checklist for using CPA charge//
Federal Express (FEDEX) ProcessHow to process, schedule for delivery, and send a Fedex return//
IT Inventory Sheet This is our inventory of loose computer parts. Should be reviewed and updated quarterly //
New Client Onboarding - IndividualFront desk's steps to onboard a new 1040 client//
Processing ChecklistSafeSend, Pick Up, FedEx, and Presenting the Return//
Scanning & Validating ChecklistScanning, Organizing, Validating, Electronic Wokrpapers (EWP)//
Senior Freeze - IllinoisHow to fill out a Senior Freeze form//
Tax Season Billing ChecklistHow to bill returns in CCH//